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The Friends
of the
Cynwyd Heritage Trail

2010 Cynwyd Trail Clean-Up Dates

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Neighborhood Club of Bala Cynwyd

Bala Theater


(R6) Rail timetable
Bala Avenue enjoys 2 stops along this rail line:
Bala station which is located at City line and Bala Ave.
Cynwyd station which is at Montgomery ave. and Bala Ave


Bala Avenue locater

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The Jewish Relief Agency


The Jewish Relief Agency is a dynamic, volunteer-driven organization whose goal is to help Jews in need. Since its founding in 2000, JRA has been bringing together individuals of all means, ages and backgrounds each month in a spirit of community and tikkun olam. Through the efforts of JRA’s community of more than 4,000 volunteers, we are providing monthly food relief packages to 2,500 low-income Jewish families throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.

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Biology students catalog Cynwyd Heritage Trail plants for future visitors.

Like the scientist she is, Karen Snetselaar is methodically compiling a "before" list, so that "after" the Cynwyd Heritage Trail is built, everyone will know what was there first.

This is knowledge for its own sake, which folks like Snetselaar, head of the biology department at St. Joseph's University, relish and build careers on. But it's useful, too: Her survey of plants growing along the old railroad bed, formerly part of the R6/Cynwyd line, will be shortened from more than 100 to about 20, then offered as a guide to trail visitors for fun and instruction.

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Eco Arts festival in Manayunk!


Main Line Times > News

Vast postcard collection
becomes treat for locals

By Cheryl Allison

If “The First 300: The Amazing and Rich History of Lower Merion” was the coffee-table, evening-dress version of the township’s colonial heritage and prominence on the emerging Main Line, a new book out next week tells the story of its day-to-day working life.

“Lower Merion and Narberth,” a new entry in Arcadia Publishing’s popular Postcard History Series of local-history publications, goes on sale Monday, Oct. 4, with more than 200 candid glimpses of the people and places, businesses and byways of the area during a period of great transformation.

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Main Line Times > News

ML businessmen
'Climb for Cleanup'

Police Report: Lower Merion

Workshop sessions focus on City Avenue rezoning

By Cheryl Allison

The discussions on Lower Merion Township’s proposed City Avenue rezoning continued this week, in a less formal, more interactive setting than a public hearing just seven days earlier.

Leaving aside the controversial issue of the inclusion of Bala Avenue for now, the workshop session Monday night focused on some initial proposed revisions to a rezoning ordinance, and on the topic of incentives for increased density of development.

Building and Planning Director Bob Duncan said that, based on feedback from previous meetings, some revised provisions have already been suggested.

While many are minor changes, one could put community residents and owners of larger commercial properties at odds.

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Controversy over Bala Avenue
rezoning heats up

By Cheryl Allison

Several months into discussions of proposed new zoning for the City Avenue corridor in Lower Merion, there are different viewpoints still on many elements, but probably none more so than whether Bala Avenue and its business district should be included.

That debate took center stage Monday night in the latest in a series of public hearings on the ordinance.

After a two-hour exchange, it didn’t appear that any positions had changed.

Specifically, time had been set on the agenda to address a community petition, signed by some 300 residents, asking the board of commissioners to drop a “Bala Village” district from the ordinance.

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Tree planting success by
Friends at Cynwyd Heritage Trail.
April 10-11 - Bala Cynwyd

It was a wave of over 200 people who came down to the Friends of the Cynwyd Heritage Trail sponsored tree planting weekend. After some planting instruction this wave of people descended on the slopes surrounding the Cynwyd trail like a troop of army ants. Carrying implements of earthly destruction like shovels, pick axes, rakes and wheelbarrows they cleared space around the pre marked areas and dug holes. spirits were high even with the daunting thoughts of putting 275 trees in the ground in 2 days.

Teams of volunteers, guided by members of PHS, the boy scouts and residents managed to get 200 trees in on Saturday. Followed up by the remaining 75 trees on Sunday.

After years of sponsoring "clean up weekends" which involved removing debris, hauling off garbage and cutting down evasive trees and plants it was a refreshing change to plant something along this damaged landscape.

On Sunday the planting was followed up by a BBQ at the Cynwyd Club, which is located on the Trail and a great partner. West Laural Hill cemetery, a true partner in the daunting task of fixing the trail was truly generous.

This first formal major planting at the Cynwyd Heritage Trail, iwas organized by Chris Leswing, Assistant Director of Building and Planning for Lower Merion Township. Food and Refreshments were provided by the Friends of the Cynwyd Trail.

The trees were provided from a grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. This was the largest mass planting effort in Lower Merion Township so far this decade.


Stormwater, Compost and Rain Barrels
Eric Lowry, Lowry Eco Solutions

What does stormwater runoff have to do with home composting and rain barrels? We’ll get to that in a minute, but first we have some more basic topics to discuss.

See full article in the Green Blog

Nutter to launch Philadelphia Recycling Rewards program, Dec 3rd.

In something of an about-face of a previous decision, Tomorrow in North Philly Mayor Nutter and a phalanx of his top people will announce the Philadelphia Recycling Rewards  — essentially a program through RecycleBank where the more you recycle, the more incentives you get to keep recycling, including discounts, gift cards and charitable contributions in your name.

The program will start in North Philly and then roll out by sanitation area starting in February, 2010.....

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“Green economy” research from Philadelphia offers hints for other major metros

The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia has published new research detailing the sorts of investment necessary to build the foundation for economic progress related to sustainable manufacturing, green construction and demolition waste recycling, and energy efficiency projects/retrofits.

The biggest potential obstacle to this progress: strategy and worker training/education policies rooted in the past.....

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Other Resources

Greater Philadelphia Sustainable Business Network. click here

The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. click here gets an online boost from

Bryan Shipenberg, a Bala Cynwyd-based graphic designer, launched a less sleek, if more localized, site focused on a business district in suburban Montgomery County’s Lower Merion, called Bala Avenue. For now, it’s little more than aggregation and press release regurgitation, but he’s effectively squatting on the profitable hyperlocal news trend.

“I believe that a year from now when the township lays the Cynwyd Trail and finishes the rehab of the Cynwyd station, people will come. When they open the Manayunk bridge more people will come,” Shipenberg, who also maintains a site for the Friends of the Cynwyd Heritage Trail, wrote Technically Philly in an e-mail. “With a little infusion of money, time and hard work will become a great resource for the region.”

But not quite yet...

-Thanks Chris 

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Friends of the Cynwyd Heritage Trail Receives Emerald Necklace Award
Presented at August 5th Board of Commissioners Meeting

Main Line History: Twelve sites for 12th year of LM Conservancy’s Watch Lists

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